It Started With A Sketch....

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I am a designer...

My first passion was art. I was always enticed by creating new concepts. Like every other artist, I started with my sketch. Then came the linework; I would trace over the sketch with a black marker pen. Finally, the most exciting part–I got to color in my work and make it more refined.

From middle school to high school my ideas of artistic creativity were very much limited to this art process. In college, I met UX design. I fell in love with visual design in particular. Though it was something new to me, it mimicked that same process of idea, sketch, and refinement.

Then it became ideate, wireframe, prototype!

As a visual designer working with non-profit organizations, being the only designer on a team forced me to think of creative and efficient ways of undergoing this process. For instance, within my role at the UNOPS Group of 77, I had to plan out how to integrate mobile responsivity into their existing site.

When I am not working I enjoy making digital art, writing and recently I’ve garnered interest in painting.

I best describe myself as an artist working with many mediums, sometimes that includes a web browser...

I am writer...

He is the product of cassava, plantains, and cashews that his Guyanese mother said would make his brighter. He is born from a culture of stories—that every tale passed down ends with a life lesson. He had made it his mission to record those tales, and fashion his own.

Dinner by Italy

She brought five faces to the dinner,
And turned her head towards the crowd,
Causing her collarbone to materialize into ledges.
Her ears flapped with the movement of her golden loops.
They were beautiful earrings.
Very circular, that if they fell off,
They would roll right down the ledges of her collarbone,
Onto the Marble,
And right off the veranda of Italy.
“¡Esos son hermosos aretes!” I said,
But it wasn’t Italian.
She looked at me funny.
I’d rather have dinner by New York,
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Little black boy from the waters
Whose pastimes were throwing bricks,
Shooting marbles.
He caught fish in empty chewing gum containers
Set them free again in the rain.

Black boy from the earth.
He rushes to the sea walls.
Till water rises to the rim,
He must build a higher wall again.

He went barefoot to shops to buy sunshine chips
And when no one was at the register,
He’d call out “Inside! Inside!”
Then chewed on peanut brittles,
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I am an artist...

When I am not working I enjoy making digital art, writing and recently I’ve garnered interest in painting.

I value learning and growing as an artist and designer. This includes exploring facets of game design and fun web applications....